New Residential Complex – Flats For Sale South Kolkata


Purchasing a new house is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. Here are five things you should consider before buying a new home.

Opt for a location that simplifies your life

One of the primary reasons behind relocating to a new flat is often the connectivity and the location. The location of the property should match your requirements and simplify life - not alter habits or turn your schedule upside down. Select a property that is in proximity with or metro or railway stations, hospitals, medical centres, schools, colleges, entertainment hubs, shopping centres or departmental stores, and also has an abundance of greenery. Many new flats for sale in South Kolkata and corresponding neighbourhoods offer just that. So choose accordingly.

Settle with amenities that offer practical luxury

A property with luxurious amenities does make an impression on us. After all, who wouldn't want a bouquet of expansive amenities to strike the perfect balance of tranquility, activities and convenience? But pause and think.

Zoom in on the property that offers amenities that make sense to you and matches your requirements. Base your decision on one that contributes to comfort and the aesthetics, enriches your mind and helps create the lifestyle you most desire. One such property that has grown as a name and is making its mark as a fine residential complex in South Kolkata is Ambika Icon, with over 80 amenities to its credit.

Decode the floor plan carefully

The floor plan is indicative of the overall architectural pattern. It is suggestive of arrangement and spaciousness of the rooms, size of the kitchen, position of the restrooms, flow of natural light, and vastness of indoor as well as outdoor spaces. It is also useful in designing the furniture layout and wiring system of the house.

A property is a long-term investment, so go with one that you wouldn't mind coming back to after a long day's work.

Make no compromise with the specifications

A property that has desirable location, exclusive amenities and good floor plan can be lacking if it has substandard specifications. Many of the specifications can be altered by the owner as per his will but one cannot overlook the additional cost that comes along with it. Most new flats for sale in South Kolkata and other parts of the city have specifications that greatly influence your purchase decision.

So, check attributes like doors, windows, glass panels, flooring, sanitary hardware, bathroom fittings, kitchen counter, switches, wiring, elevator, etc. before committing yourself.

Don't dent your finances beyond repair

When you contemplate on the various features of a residential project, you must also keep in mind the price - whether it is justified or not. It is undoubtedly 'the most' crucial aspect. And don't forget, the total costs involved go far beyond the sticker.

It is imperative you make calculations as well as arrangements to ensure it doesn't turn from a 'dream home' to a 'financial nightmare'. It shouldn't exhaust all your life's savings and become a financial obligation that ruins your peace of mind. Be it a residential complex in South Kolkata, North Kolkata or the Central part, spend your money wisely.